Don't just golf ... GOLF MS.

Join us for MS Golf.  You are helping create a world free of Multiple Sclerosis.  Team up with your family, friends or co-workers to change the world. 

Together we become a powerful force.     
Together we can end MS forever!



Monday - May 18, 2020

Save the Date !


Support our efforts to help

find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.


Join us for the 2020 MS Golf Tournament !

Stoney Creek Golf Club 

911 Golf House Road
Stoney Creek, NC 27377

Stay in touch for more information.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a disease in which the body's immune system attacks myelin, the protective sheath around nerve cells that helps send messages to the brain and other parts of the body.   Common signs of the disease include trouble walking and maintaining balance, fatigue, sensations of numbness or tingling, and vision problems.   But depending on which nerves are affected and the level of damage, symptoms can vary widely from person to person, and may not surface right away.   

MS research is a high priority.   The National MS Society strategically invests in research worldwide to drive solutions for every single person with MS ... and even more important find the cure for MS.

Mark your calendar - Monday, MAY 18, 2020.  Join us for the 2020 MS Golf Tournament.   

Let's Golf MS!   All Proceeds go to the National MS Society.

For more information contact: Worth Wilson at 336-543-4522 / or
Alex Potter at 336-254-2557 / 
MS Golf Tournament  •  5911 Golf House Road • Stoney Creek, NC 27377